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we're day dreamers and night thinkers, we love telling stories.

We specialize in television, film, and podcasts. Creative media uniquely brings people together. It entertains, educates, and enriches lives by connecting us through our shared love for the digital arts. Because of creative media, we form opinions and friendships; have debates and conversations. We discover fresh talent, original ways of thinking, and new interests. Sparxs Studio works to nurture creativity and boost the digital industry to benefit both content creators and consumers

Sparxs Studio is an entertainment and production company based in Austin, Texas.

This not only helps it grow but also provides our creatives the benefit of not compromising where they live to make a stable, living wage. We plan to nurture opportunities for local creatives to showcase, revitalize and learn skills/trades and bring them to as wide an audience as possible. We aim to integrate Sparxs Studio deep into the city's heart by building lasting relationships with schools and institutions that offer film programs. We'll work to foster mutually rewarding collaborations with other local production studios - because when people come together, real creative magic happens.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen and unite Austin's film community.


Samenta. Third of her name, mother of two dragons, unburnt. Cali native, a Cancer, ambitious, and believer in fantastical things. 

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chief operating officer

Cinema and music are as deeply ingrained in her life as her two rambunctious children, a crazy puppy, and a patient bearded dragon. Always a precocious child, her love for telling stories started when she received a diary on her 11th birthday, from her godmother. Like the saying goes, that was all she wrote.

From personal memoir to fiction,
the obsession grew into dreams of making her stories come alive on screen. In 2016, in the middle of the Universal Studios prop house, she decided she would start her own production company. Every night flying down the 405, she would try to storyboard a path to that life but let her tell you, kids, somethings can’t be storyboarding and certainly shouldn’t be. Sometimes you have to let the characters lead the way, that’s where the magic is. With grit, grace, and a healthy sense of humor, Samenta as well on her way to fulfilling some of her ancestors' wildest dreams as well as her own.

The vision of Sparxs Studio is for it to be a place for ambitious creators to thrive and continue providing opportunities BIOPIC creators may not have seen in Austin.



Alexandra Varkarotas is a producer, writer, and actress/host living in Austin, TX. Originally from Las Vegas, Alexandra Varkarotas grew up experiencing immersive forms of entertainment, inspiring her love of storytelling in various mediums from an early age. 


While a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin, Varkarotas was accepted into the Screenwriting Incubator at Texas Student Television. Collaborating with three other students, she created and produced Hollywood U., a sitcom about celebrities in college. Noticing that there was no travel show at the station, Varkarotas created UTravels, a show dedicated to exploring all the unique places and events in Austin. In addition to producing student TV shows, Varkarotas continues to build a name for herself in the local entertainment industry. Serving as a Film Publicity Intern at SXSW, she learned the ropes of publicity and how to run a successful film festival. Working as a Marketing Intern at WriterDuet allowed her to develop her love of writing while learning hands-on how to build marketing strategies.

Learn More About Hollywood U.

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danyelle weatherford

Danyelle grew up in the bustling southeast, Texas town of Lake Jackson, also known as the City of Enchantment.
A Round Rock resident, she has a huge love for Central Texas. At her core, she is a professional doer and legacy leader.

chief operating officer

Her oxygen comes from knowing her family is healthy and happy and that she is giving the world inspiring life lessons her parents and God have given to her. She is a storyteller no matter the capacity. Her resume reflects work from HBO, Lifetime Women’s Network, Lives of Women, commercials, independent films as well as writing, producing and directing award winning independent films. 

A dedicated Bob Cat, Danyelle holds a BBA in Marketing from Texas State University. She has over 20 years of professional experience from companies such as Merrill Lynch, American Funds and Apple. Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Entertainment Management, and Breast Cancer Advocacy are a few of her back pocket strengths. Danyelle loves the art of storytelling, a great cinnamon roll, elevating others to their potential, living in the moment and “Saving The World From The Ordinary”.

She is a storyteller no matter the capacity.

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Born and raised in Austin, TX, Khai has more than 18 years professional experience in diverse roles.


Advancing throughout her career to be promoted into an Accounting role, in which she remained for two years, she discovered his passion for the field. Motivated now to advance her career in Accounting further, Khai Parker is eager to complete a bachelor’s degree in Accounting by December 2020, with the view of going onto become a Forensic Accountant in the future.

Establishing his career in 2012 as a Self-employed Independent Contractor, Khai then secured a role with the IRS, which gave her the first exposure to the finance industry. She remained in finance by going onto become an Accounts Receivable Specialist, before becoming an Independent Loan processor and Signing Agent. This diverse experience has equipped her with a solid financial knowledge base and a strong understanding of the importance of compliance to regulations.

In her free time, Khai is an avid festival goer, she enjoys live music and going to concerts. She also welcomes the opportunity to try new foods and sample dishes from different cultures. 

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