Beginning with several aesthetic aerial shots of mountainous highways, Winding Road is a short film about Todd, the leader of a traveling rock band and Brandiss, the self assured bartender. When Todd’s band tour schedule brings the group to the bar that Brandiss works at and the two are reunited after some time apart, Les, […]

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To Life is a comedic, heartwarming short film about three friends getting the chance to talk to their recently deceased friend one last time after her funeral. Christie, always the life of the party, first appeared before her three friends individually while they were in different rooms of the house, giving each of them life […]

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The Succession shows exactly how easy it is for children to mirror the thoughts and ideologies of the adults around them. Tyler and Andre, absorb everything their families have passed onto them, as the boys copy everything Tyler’s father does. Trouble begins to stir once the adults talk about immigration and their gun ownership. It’s […]

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Wish Inc is a lighthearted musical short film with an opening scene of the golden woman statue above a wishing fountain singing Wish Incorporated’s theme song. This film tells the story of Hope, who has just started working with this company to make people’s wishes come true. With this organization, there is a computer chip […]

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