Lasting only four and a half minutes, The Reunion is a fleeting story of first love and family. A man brings his new wife, Danielle to his mother’s house for the holiday. Obvious tensions arise as the man’s mother tells him that his brother, Max will be joining them that night for Christmas dinner. The […]

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Stanley is seemingly an extremely anxious person who has locked himself into his apartment, without talking or socializing with anyone. Shut In is a chilling short film about a young man who is struggling internally and gradually becomes more anxious of the world outside of his apartment. A friend that he has not seen in […]

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When we meet Blanca, she appears to have everything she wants; a great apartment, friends, and a loving fiance, until she finds him with another woman. Fate Has No Plan is a story of a woman beginning to build her life back together after a devastating heartbreak. She finds a pair of antique baby shoes […]

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The Regulars is a refreshingly lighthearted comedy film, showcasing characters with completely different personalities, hobbies, and interests, but one thing in common: their coffee shop. Based in a local coffee shop, the owner is disheartened by the lack of socializing amidst her regular customers. She devises several strategies in hopes of bringing her customers closer […]

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