Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Our prolific filmmakers of tomorrow are paving their own paths on Tiktok today. Having grown up alongside fast paced technology, Generation Z has become no stranger to the ever evolving online community. Similar to generations of activists before them, they want to see social progress. However, in contrast, they are more inclined to […]

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Dear film lover, Being a film lover, a “ciner” if you will, is so exciting! We have an endless amount of options to choose from; short films to blockbuster movies, from any genre; comedy, action, thriller, romance, horror, and anything in between. When you watch a new film, what do you look for? What is […]

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Dear independent filmmaker,  Independent filmmaker. In the ever-evolving world of fast technology and short attention spans, the term may sound daunting at first. The process of creating a film, from original conception to premiere, can be an overwhelming journey for even the most experienced artists. Unfortunately, despite the hours upon hours of dedication and planning, […]

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Beginning with several aesthetic aerial shots of mountainous highways, Winding Road is a short film about Todd, the leader of a traveling rock band and Brandiss, the self assured bartender. When Todd’s band tour schedule brings the group to the bar that Brandiss works at and the two are reunited after some time apart, Les, […]

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