Brandon Night is originally from Texas, but moved to Los Angeles thirteen years ago to pursue an acting career. On set, Night would “become a sponge”, talking to anyone and everyone on the crew, and was immediately drawn to the production side of filmmaking.  Chris Vanderhorst grew up in North Carolina, moved to Los Angeles, […]

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Originally from California, Dresback has lived in Texas and Arizona, currently residing in Arizona. Right after graduating from college she started a video production company, creating industrial videos for several years. After spending twenty six years in corporate America, she got the itch to come back and do some filmmaking. She first started doing some […]

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Lozano started out in the film industry as an actress in a soap opera. After nine years, she got tired of getting casted for the same roles, and she started writing her own films, and in 2006 she wrote her first script. Lozano has always had a fascination with putting mature women in situations people […]

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Chen has been in the filmmaking industry for 10 years. Like a moth to a flame, she is always eagerly chasing the next project, passionate about her films and the community it takes to create them. Like most filmmakers, she originally got into filmmaking because she loved telling stories, and felt it was the only […]

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